Keep These Safety Tips In Mind When You Rent A Dumpster

Renting a dumpster for a home renovation makes your life immeasurably easier. Instead of dealing with the hassle and surprisingly considerable expense of transporting your unwanted items to the dump, you simply load the dumpster and have it hauled away when the job is done. If you're taking this route, it's important to ensure that you stay safe while doing so. Dumpsters aren't inherently dangerous, but there are a number of safety-conscious steps you can take concerning the dumpster and how you use it to avoid injury. Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Specify That You Need A Dumpster With A Door

When you call your local waste management company to rent the dumpster, don't be so preoccupied with its size and arrival date that you forget to discuss one essential feature -- a door. Many dumpsters are equipped with doors at one end that you can open to allow walk-in access. This is ideal if you'll be disposing of heavy waste products that could strain your muscles or hurt your back trying to throw over the top edge of the dumpster. For example, if you're getting rid of an old sofa, it's much easier to load it through the door than attempt to push it over the top edge.

Prop Open The Dumpster Doors

A latch will keep the dumpster's doors in place when they're closed, but you'll need to come up with an idea to prop the doors open when you're loading things into the receptacle. The doors are considerably heavy and if your driveway is the slightest bit sloped, you could be dealing with doors that swing shut and pinch a body part -- all while you're distracted by what you're loading and might not have time to protect yourself. An easy way to avoid this issue is to secure the open doors with bungee cords attached to nearby trees.

Wear A Back Support Brace

Even if you'll be loading heavy items through the dumpster doors, you're at risk of straining muscles of even causing a bulged disc in your back if you lift something that is too heavy or use improper lifting mechanics. One way to keep your body position correct while you lift is to buy a back support brace similar to those worn by employees at home supply stores. This slip-on device will provide support for your back to help prevent an injury stopping your renovation project in short order.

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