Tips For Avoiding Accidents With Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a convenient way to provide a work platform for people and materials when working at high places. Maybe it is because people think of scaffolding as temporary, but there is a tendency to throw up scaffolding without paying sufficient care to the manner of construction. In order to avoid accidents, it is critical to properly build and brace your scaffolding. 

Inspect All Components

Scaffolding is only as strong as its component parts. Before you set up your scaffolding, inspect every piece. For example, you should expect the welds on the braces to make sure there are no cracks in the welds. You should also inspect the crosspieces to make sure that they are not bent or otherwise compromised. When possible, use metal planks to create the work platform you will use. If you have to use wood, make sure that the wood that you use is neither warped nor cracked and that it has cleats that will prevent it from sliding off of your scaffolding. 

Use Proper Support for the Scaffolding

In order to prevent your scaffolding from tipping, you need to make sure that the base is level and that the corners of the scaffolding are plumb. Trying to create a level base for your scaffolding can take time, but it you do not take the time to build up any low spots, your scaffolding can tip. For added support, you should tie off your scaffolding whenever possible. 

Climb the Scaffolding Properly

Rather than just climbing up the braces of your scaffolding to get to your work platform, you should use a ladder. Climbing the outside of the scaffolding can create an imbalance that will cause the scaffolding to tip.

Use Railings

When you get to the top of your scaffolding, you will want to use hand rails to provide an added layer of support. If you are simply walking on a platform with no rails, the chances of you falling off of your scaffolding are multiplied. 

These are just a few of the safety tips you need to keep in mind when you use scaffolding. Whenever possible, you should leave setting up scaffolding to the professionals, like Savage Scaffold & Equipment Co. However, if you need scaffolding for a do-it-yourself job, the above tips should be enough to keep you safe while you are working from scaffolding. Remember, a few ounces of precaution are worth a pound of cure.