4 Improvements To Consider Doing With The Drain Field Of A New Septic System

When you have to have a septic system installed, you may be looking at a conventional system with a simple drain field. This is often because you can install this type of system on your property and the septic system installation will cost less. Before you have your system installed, you may want to consider some of these drain field improvements to ensure your septic system has a long life:

1. Installing An Overfill Alarm To Detect Problems Quickly

The problems in your drain field can often start at the septic tank. This can be due to the tank becoming overburdened and solids overflowing into the drain lines. To prevent these problems, a simple solution is to have an overflow alarm, which will tell you when your system is full and needs to be serviced or if there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

2. Separate Grey Water With A Different Tank To Reduce Overburden

Grey water is another problem that can contribute to the overflow of tanks and drain field problems. This is caused by excessive use or water with appliances like washing machines. To solve this problem, you may want to install a separate tank for grey water, which will keep it out of your septic system and help prevent problems.

3. Install A Distribution Box For Even Drainage To Reduce Problems

A distribution box is a system that helps evenly distribute affluent or liquid waste when it leaves the tank. Installing a distribution box can be a good solution to ensure that waste gets evenly distributed and that there are not problems like over saturation in one area of the system. It can also be a good solution to check the drain field when maintenance is done to your septic system.

4. Use A Chambered Drain Field With Filtration Medium For Better Drainage

Another solution that you may want to consider to improve your drain field is a chambered drain field. This is a system with different sections for drainage, which can improve the distribution of affluent. This can also be done with an additional filtration medium to help with filtering waste before it reaches the ground and filters naturally through soils.

These are some improvements that you may want to consider for your septic system to ensure that it has a long life. If you are ready to have a new septic system installed for your home, contact a septic installation service, such as Southern Sanitary Systems Inc, and talk with them about some of these solutions for your drain field.