3 Advantages Of Workers Who Wear The Proper Flame-Resistant Clothing

If you have just started a new job and have been told that flame-resistant clothing is required, you may not understand why, especially if you have performed similar job functions in the past without donning the protective gear. The type of flame-resistant clothing that is selected for you is generally dependent on the amount of heat present to cause the ignition of your clothing. It is also dependent on the texture, weight and even the color of the clothing material.

The clothing that you wear when subjected to potential ignition sources in the workplace should meet OSHA standards, regardless of what you have not been required to do in the past. Flame-resistant clothing provides multiple advantages for those who use it. Here are a few of them:


Flame-resistant clothing helps protect you when you are exposed to fire hazards. Flash fires can occur when vapors from a flammable liquid or other combustible substance becomes concentrated enough to burst into flames. If you are regularly exposed to such substances,  you should wear flame-resistant clothing to help ensure you are protected in the case of a flash fire.

People who work around electricity should also use flame-resistant clothing. When an electric current comes in contact with air that contains a large number of ions, an electrical arc flash can occur. This can result in an explosion and serious burns to workers who are not properly protected.

Avoiding Disciplinary Actions and Setting a Good Example

As an employee, you should set a good example for others with whom you work. This not only sets a culture of safety in your area. It displays that you can comply with company standards and can help you avoid disciplinary actions. 

If you use flame-resistant clothing in areas in that contain a possible ignition source, you can help increase safety awareness throughout the company for which you work.

When people are allowed to haphazardly performed their duties without safety equipment, they may feel as though the equipment is not important. An apathetic attitude concerning safety can result in undue injuries and company liability. In addition, when a work environment is audited by governing agencies, such as OSHA, the company can be fined for a lack of compliance.

Less Time Out of Work

If you are burned on the job, the company may be responsible for paying for your medical expenses and time away from work. However, once your medical leave is exhausted, you may only receive a percentage of your normal pay. This can affect your financial well-being as well as your ability to maintain enough paid leave for future medical issues.

Donning flame-resistant clothing when necessary can help ensure that you incur fewer injuries. To ensure that your flame-resistant clothing meets company standards, only purchase from a reputable industrial supply specialist in your area. Contact a business, such as Oil & Gas Safety Supply, for more information about safety guidelines and equipment.