Safety Tips To Keep In Mind When Working With An Air Compressor

When you have a big job to get done around the house, renting an air compressor is a smart idea. The presence of this machine can save you a significant amount of time, as well as make many different jobs easier. For example, if you're doing a job that requires you to hammer hundreds of nails, getting the air compressor and a nail gun means that you'll drive the nails with an easy trigger pull instead of multiple swings of your arm. If you'll be working with an air compressor for the first time, it's important to brush up on some safety rules so that you get the job done without any issues. Here are some rules to know.

Keep Tools Pointed Down

While it's a bit dramatic to consider air tools in the same manner as firearms, you should quickly develop a healthy respect for the tools that are hooked up to the air compressor. This means that you should never point an air tool in the direction of someone else (either in a joking manner or by accident), nor should you aim the tool at your own body. As soon as the tool is connected to the air hose, it should be kept with the tip pointed down and your finger off the trigger.

Make Sure The Shut-Off Valve Is Handy

It's important to acquaint yourself with the shut-off valve on your rented air compressor; this is the handle that you'll need to turn quickly in the event that anything goes wrong. It shuts off the supply of air immediately. Even if the air hose is long, you should make the effort to carry the compressor to wherever you're working so that the shut-off valve is always within arm's reach. If you leave the machine in the corner of the room and are working at the full length of the hose, you won't be able to reach the valve in a timely manner in an emergency.

Wear Eye Protection

You should wear eye protection when using any type of tool, but protecting yourself in this manner is even more critical when you're working with air tools. Shatter-proof goggles or glasses can protect your eyes from projectiles but also from minor occurrences that can take place due to the compressed air. For example, when you release the air tool from the hose, there will be a quick burst of air that escapes. If there's sawdust, for example, laying around where you're working, this air could easily blow the sawdust in your eyes if they're not protected. 

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