Parts You May Want Readily Available To Keep Your Commercial Vacuum In Good Repair

When you have a cleaning business, you rely heavily on your equipment to be fully functional at all times. However when it comes to commercial vacuums, the equipment can malfunction due to clogs or dust, so you need to maintain the equipment regularly and keep plenty of spare parts on hand. Your maintenance crew will replace some parts while the cleaning crew can replace others when needed in the middle of a job. Here are a few of the parts you should keep on hand for your commercial Windsor vacuums.

Replacement Bags

Your cleaning crew should recognize when a bag is full and needs to be replaced so the vacuum cleaner doesn't struggle or suck dust into internal parts. In the case of the Windsor Sensor vacuum, a light comes on to let the operator know when it's time to replace the bag. This task doesn't require special skills, so your crew can carry extra bags and change them when indicated.

Vacuum Filters

Changing the filters on schedule is important too or the vacuum may not operate properly. With the Windsor Sensor, the indicator light may come on and signal problems with the vacuum when the filter needs to be changed. Some filters resemble sponges and it's obvious when they're clogged with dirt. Others are difficult to see internally, so they'll need to be replaced on a regular maintenance schedule. Having a few filters on standby with each job is a good idea since they can be changed out quickly and work can continue without prolonged interruption.

Brush Roller

The brush roller on your vacuums should be inspected regularly. These can get clogged with hair and other debris so they don't clean carpet as effectively. If your crew cleans a dirty building that has a lot of hair or long dog hair, the hairs can even get tangled around the brush and interfere with the way it works. The vacuum can't do a good job of cleaning without a working brush roller, so you should have these readily available to change out. Changing a brush roller is usually an easy job that doesn't require tools, so it can be done on the job once you've trained your crew how to do it.

A vacuum cleaner has several working parts as well as different hoses and accessories, so you'll want to keep an assortment of hoses, belts, and other parts on hand for your maintenance crew to use when they service the vacuums. By having the Windsor Sensor vacuum parts you need and servicing the vacuums regularly, your commercial equipment will have a longer life and do a better job of cleaning your clients' floors.