Illustrious Rubber: What Can’t You Make From It?

Rubber has a long history. It is one of the many products found in nature and made more durable by scientists and researchers in lab coats. Most commonly and widely used for the production of tires, rubber has dozens more uses and products than you might imagine. The following shows just how versatile rubber is, and how many different kinds of products can be made from it. 

Rubber Gloves

Up until patients started to develop allergic reactions to rubber gloves, rubber was the go-to material for surgical exam gloves. Its incredible stretchiness made it possible to fit exam gloves over any size hand, and its thinness made it possible to have excellent dexterity and to palpate as though doctors and nurses were not wearing any gloves at all. Modifications to rubber gloves have been made to take the potential for an allergic reaction out, but still remain stretchy.


Rubber sealing gaskets are used on everything from refrigerator doors to cars to airplane doors. Rubber gaskets create an incredible vacuum seal that does not allow any air or water to seep through to what is inside or allow air or water to seep from inside to the exterior. Rubber gaskets are frequently used in industrial machines as well where it is vital to have closing seals but more cost-effective than having valves that need to be opened and closed all the time.


Rubber balls, bouncy balls, sports balls; you name it, rubber companies make it. A lot of rubber balls for any sort of play among humans and dogs can be found just about everywhere. More than ever, however, many rubber balls are now encased in a protective coating so that people with allergies to rubber can bounce a ball without reacting to the rubber content. Rubber is one of the bounciest substances on earth, so it just makes sense that something so enjoyable and simple is made from rubber. Next time you see a rubber ball, you will probably be tempted to bounce it just to see how rubbery and bouncy it is. 

Custom Manufactured Rubber Products

If you think that some piece of equipment, a machine, an appliance design, etc., needs a custom rubber product, then rubber manufacturers that specialize in making custom rubber parts can help. It does not matter the shape, the size, or the function. Rubber manufacturers enjoy the challenge of creating a new and unique rubber product for consumers.