Make Breathing Easier In Your Factory Today

If many of your employees complain about the air quality in your factory, find a way to make breathing easier for them. Factories and other industrial organizations can produce a large amount of debris and chemicals during the day. Employees allergic to dust and the things it contains can become sick on the job. You can make breathing easier for your employees with the tips below.

Place Plants in Your Building

If the industrial fans in your building don't keep the air as clean as it needs to be, consider using plants. A number of homeowners use plants to keep their air clean and healthy during the year. Some types of plants keep the air clean by removing chemical agents and other substances from it. You can see if plants will make your building's air cleaner as well.

The best types of plants to use for your factory are spider plants, evergreens, and small palms. The plants will either filter contaminants from the air directly or help keep the air in your building moist. Moist air can help keep your workers' nasal passages healthy when the building's too cold in the winter or too dusty and dry in the summer.

Next, purchase and distribute masks to your employees.

Distribute Masks to Your Employees

Masks can help protect your employees during the workday. Masks generally cover the nose, mouth, and chin. All of these areas of the face can be vulnerable to airborne debris, such as dust and chemical sprays. 

When you choose masks for your staff, be sure to purchase masks with several layers of protective materials. Masks that feature multiple layers of fabric may protect your workers better than masks that come with one layer of fabric. If some of your employees suffer from asthma or allergies, choose masks that come with cotton or another light material. 

Also, choose masks that fit comfortably over your employees' faces. The masks should completely cover your workers' noses and mouths. If the masks are too small, they may not block contaminants properly.

If possible, purchase test masks for your employees. Ask your employees to report any problems they experience with the masks directly to you. You can use the information to purchase the right masks for your workers. You can also contact a mask supplier directly for what you need, such as 3-ply masks

For more information about masks and how to order them, contact a supplier soon.