Features To Look For In A Teardrop Pallet Rack System

If you're heavily involved in using pallets for product storage, you need a place for them to go. Teardrop pallet racks can provide a great storage solution, especially if you get one that has a couple of helpful features.

User-Friendly Adjustability

There may be times when your product storage needs change. That won't make a bit of difference for the teardrop pallet rack that's onsite if you ensure it comes equipped with user-friendly adjustability. Then you can make changes in a short period of time.

For instance, if you're having to storage taller products on pallets, then you should be able to easily raise the height of platforms to provide more space. The ease of adjustability for these racks often comes down to locking mechanisms, which you want to have a simple design that you don't have to spend a lot of time manipulating. 

Reliable Locking Systems

When you do have a teardrop pallet rack set up in a warehouse where pallets and goods are, you want to make sure sections and platforms remain in place. Then you can feel good about your products not toppling over and creating difficult obstacles to overcome.

Make sure your teardrop pallet rack has reliable locking systems that you know for certain will keep sections and parts in place, regardless of the activities you perform to and around these racks. Dependable locks can ultimately increase the safety of this racking system too, which is paramount for protecting everyone that will be around it.

Large Base Plates

In order to have a stable and reliable teardrop pallet rack, you need to focus on the base plates. These are the foundations that keep this rack in place on the flooring of your work site. You'll be better off going with large base plates for this component.

Then these plates will cover more surface area on the ground, and that's key for added stability. As long as you understand your racking system's weight limits, these large base plates will continue giving the rack system the adequate support it needs to help you store a lot of pallets with goods using one solution. 

You can have an easier time storing pallets with goods when a teardrop pallet racking system is used. You'll enjoy how easy it is to set up and use if you try going after racks with the right features and specs that line up with your storage activities.