Food-Safe Buckets And Usage Tips

Oxygen, light, moisture, and pests can contribute to bacteria growth and the rapid decomposition of food. If you will be storing bulk food products for an extended duration, purchase food-safe buckets to keep products dry and separated from one another.

Food-Safe Buckets

Grains and fresh produce can be stored inside five-gallon buckets that are food safe. Buckets can also be used to temporarily store liquid or semi-liquid products, such as freshwater or fruit preserves. The use of food-safe buckets will keep consumables protected and minimize waste. Oxygen absorbers and mylar bags are two products that can be used simultaneously with food-safe buckets. These products will increase the protection rating of perishable and non-perishable items that are stored within a bucket.

Collapsible Models

Some food-safe buckets are designed to collapse. A collapsible model will not take up much space while it is being stored. When solids or liquids are going to be poured into this type of bucket, a bucket can be expanded. Once several servings of a product have been consumed, a bucket can be adjusted to accommodate the smaller quantity.

A label that is affixed to the exterior of each bucket can be used to identify food products. Someone who works in the food industry, for example, will be able to locate food products easily. Buckets can be lined up in alphabetical order, according to the label that is attached to each container. A scoop can be used to collect dry ingredients from each bucket. Measuring cups can also be used to retrieve ingredients. 

Transport Options

Food-safe buckets are suitable for personal or commercial use. An individual who will be transporting food to another location may appreciate the simplicity of a food bucket's design. A handle will provide an end-user with an easy way to transport weighty items. Since buckets can be used to hold bulk products that are relatively heavy, containers will not be likely to tip over while they are being transported from one location to another.

Food-safe buckets can be arranged along the surface of a flatbed or inside of a vehicle's cargo area. Buckets of food or beverages that will be dropped off at an alternate location can be stored at the other site or can be emptied out and cleaned prior to being transported back to the point of origin. 

If you need to order 5-gallon, food-safe buckets, reach out to a supplier near you.