Seven Major Factors When You Purchase Epoxy Products For Boat Building

Epoxy is an important boat building supply. If you need to buy boat building epoxy products, there are several factors that you should take into account. The following are seven major factors when you purchase epoxy products for boat building. 

Material that you're finishing

The type of epoxy that is ideal for your application depends on the material you're working on. Different epoxy products are designed for use on different materials. Consider whether you'll be applying your epoxy on wood, plastics, fiberglass, or metal, and choose an epoxy that's formulated for use with this material. 

Shelf life

It's important to be aware of the fact that some epoxies have a shelf life to consider. While it's possible to store epoxy resin indefinitely if it's high in quality, some epoxy products might have an expiration date that you should be aware of if you want to use them. 


Viscosity is another factor that differs between various epoxy products designed for maritime use. Epoxies that are more viscous may take longer to both apply and cure. At the same time, thicker epoxies with higher viscosity might allow you to apply a thin coat more easily than you could with a lower-viscosity epoxy. 

Durability of the finish

Boats of course need a waterproof finish. You, therefore, need to make sure that you're choosing a resin that is formulated for marine applications. 

In addition to offering a waterproof finish, epoxy products can also offer protection from both UV radiation and heat. If you use your boat in especially hot and sunny climates, it's a good idea to choose an epoxy with these additional durability features. 

Curing time

Some epoxy products can take a particularly long time to cure. If you need to be able to apply your epoxy and use your boat within a relatively short time afterward, it's important to invest in an epoxy with a quick curing time. 

Epoxy resin mixing

In most cases, epoxy resin needs to be mixed before it can be applied so that it is able to harden. You'll usually need to purchase an epoxy hardener as well as an epoxy resin. Make sure you consider the mixing process when choosing which epoxy product will be most convenient for your application. 

Application requirements

Some epoxy products might specify that they can be used only within a certain temperature range. Some epoxy products also require your work area to be adequately ventilated for safe use. You should consider these factors along with your available work environment when deciding which epoxy products to buy. 

For more info about boat building epoxy products, contact a local company.